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Our law firm provides legal and aggressive representation for work injuries, personal injuries, or employment law disputes throughout Fremont and Ontario in California.

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Workers' Compensation

Legal Advocates for Injured Workers

Have you been injured at work or are you suffering from an illness or occupational disease related to your job? Maing Ibuado, P.C. represents clients in workers’ compensation cases. Our law firm has years of experience providing legal services for work injuries in the following types of workers: policemen, firefighters, professional sports players, and other general workers who have been seriously injured.

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Representation for Work Related Injuries

After a work related injury, specific steps need to be taken and deadlines adhered to in order secure benefits for your injury. As your workers’ compensation lawyers, we provide the advice and guidance you need, including making sure you see a doctor, having your injury evaluated by a neutral or qualified medical physician if necessary, and ensuring that all necessary paperwork is filed to strengthen your claim.

Our law firm represents clients with injuries related to work, such as:

  • Car accidents that happen at work

  • Falls from heights

  • Repetitive motion injuries (Cumulative Traumas)

  • Illnesses resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Occupational diseases

Having Trouble Accessing Benefits?

By California law, injured workers may be entitled to benefits for medical expenses related to the work injury, loss of wages, temporary disability, and/or permanent disability. Insurance companies frequently attempt to reduce or deny claims for workers’ compensation benefits. If you are experiencing difficulty with your employer or the insurance company, you need advice from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

At Maing Ibuado, we understand the information that must be included to ensure you have a strong workers’ compensation claim. We help you gather the information you need to make your case and get the care you need and compensation to which you are entitled. Our firm offers a free case evaluation for injured workers.

There are time limits for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Please contact our office at 888.511.0988 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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